Welcome to NWMONLINE.

Who are NWM Online and what do we do?

NWM Online used to be 'Northumbria Wealth Management Ltd'. and were Independent Financial Advisers, until David retired in July 2009 and subsequently closed the associated Limited Company down.

In addition, for many years we designed and created our own websites, however we now simply run and maintain 2 of those and offer free support to some 'friends' and a Classic Car Club.

The site used to run on 'Wordpress' as a test bed for other potential websites, but was far more complex than this site actually requires so this particular site is now very basic. It's built using simple html and css files and is intended to display and provide information only with no user interaction or registration required.

Solar LogoAs we no longer serve 'adverts' then we don't need to use Cookies and as we don't hold any visitor data then we don't have a 'Cookie Consent' pop up.

On the old website we did have some information and data about the generation results we have achieved from our 22 panel SolarPv array on our East facing roof.

For those that were following it, click the image or the link to:   Solar Generation History

Web Sites developed by Dave and still actively run:

VW Beetle Resto Website
My personal 'Blog' on the Restoration Completion, Repairs and ongoing Maintenance of our newly acquired 1966 VW Beetle.
OSL282 Website
The long term Restoration project and ongoing Maintenance of our Paris built, 1952 Citroen Traction Avant 11BL, now sold.
NECPWA Website
Created, built and run on a totally voluntary basis to the local Classic Car Club we belong to.
NECPWA North Website
Again created, built and run on a totally voluntary basis to the local Classic Car Club we belong to.
C6owners Website
Dedicated technical support for owners of a Citroen C6. Created in 2009, ran for 6+ years then 'gifted' to members to run. Dave has some limited technical, but no financial involvement with C6owners.

Other Web Sites developed by Dave:

C4owners Website
Created in 2004, built and ran for 8+ years then gifted to others to run, with over 54,500 members. Dave has no further involvement at all with this site.

We had no plans to develop any more websites, either on a paid or voluntary basis as we really din't have the time, or inclination! and would rather enjoy our retirement but a Classic Car swap changed that!

Now even though the company is closed we have to be aware of some legal obligations that may still apply so below are links to:

Last Update: 8th September 2020