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What does NWM Online do and who are we?

NWM Online used to be Northumbria Wealth Management and were Independent Financial Advisers, until David retired in July 2009 and subsequently closed the associated Limited Company down.

However we always designed and created our own websites and now we simply run and maintain those and offer free support to some 'friends' and a Classic Car Club.

Web Sites developed by Dave and still actively run on a voluntary basis:

OSL 282 My personal Citroen Traction Avant Restoration Blog

Citroen Traction Avant Repairs Where my Traction Avant has work done

NECPWA The North Of Englands largest multi marque Classic Car Club

We have no plans to develop any more websites, as we really don't have the time, or inclination! and would rather enjoy our retirement.Now even though the company is closed we have to be aware of some legal obligations that may still appl so....

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On the old website we did have information about the generation we have achieved from our 22 panel SolarPv array on our East facing roof.

For those that were following it, here are the figures which show how variable the sunshine can be in South East Northumberland, season to season, year by year.
SolarPv Generation Chart

Over the 72 months that the system had been installed, working and owned by us until July 25th 2016, we had received a total of £9,189.62 in Fits Payments, which equates to 59.3% of the installation costs tax free, plus the savings on our monthly Electricity bills so yes, it had been a very worthwhile investment.

However, we have now sold the actual system to a 3rd party Free Your Tariff for a cash lump sum plus a 4.8kw battery backup pack.

We have recouped more than our initial outlay when you add in the Fits payments received to date to the cash sum we received plus the value of the storage battery pack, still retain the reduction in electricty bills the Solar PV system gives and will reduce our future bills by storing and using any generation the system gives via the battery storage system. It's a 'win win' situation as far as we are concerned.

Please Note: Newer systems qualify for a smaller Fit payment but cost less to install and from 2016, incentives for new Domestic Installations will no longer be paid.

Last Update: 21st January 2017

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